Tahlil Hirsi

01Jan 2016

THANKS a lot save me from cancer


I SUMAN AILAWADI had a surgery for uterus cancer. This was done mainly by gun as Dr Birbala Rai. My experience was very good. My surgery was done by a combined team. Dr P PSINGH was also included. There are specialist Doctors in this hospital for any disease in this hospital. Their diagnosis is always correct. They don't tell the patient surgery without any reason. First they put on medicine & then if necessary then only surgery is required by the Doctors. This hospital is very neat & clean. They have enough rooms for the patients. They don't discharge you for the sake of vacating the room. Sisters also attend patients very nicely. Doctors come on visit in time & they listen to you nicely. This is my experience about the hospital & the doctors. Dr Birbala talks so sweetly that half the disease runs away. I am very much impressed by her.