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The Institute of  Neurosciences and Spinal Injuries is a blend of highly skilled neurosurgeons and neurologists, cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a well-established facility. We, at PSRI  Hospital, are well equipped to handle any kind of Neurological disorders ranging from minor headaches to the most complex Neurosurgical procedures. As Neurosurgical procedures require precise intervention by the surgeons, we are using the best of imaging & precision equipments to treat the patients.

Infrastructure & Technology

• Dedicated Neuro Operation theater 

• Dedicated Neuro ICU & Recovery Rooms

• Video EEG: The Video EEG monitoring is the latest technology used in monitoring the functioning of the Brain for a continuous period of time. Video EEG enables the doctor to monitor the patient for a prolonged period of time. The episodes of Epilepsy can be monitored in a much more effective way than in a normal EEG.

• Neuro Navigation: Neuro navigation allows the neurosurgeons to navigate within the confines of skull/ vertebral column during the surgery. It allows the surgeons to visualize the patient’s anatomy in 3D prior to and during the surgery while also seeing the exact location of their surgical instrumentation.

• Modular OT: Two dedicated Neuro OT’s fitted with high end microscopes enable the surgeons to pin point the accurate location of the tumor and remove it. A full range of Neuro endoscopes allow to do the most complex of Neurosurgical cases.

• 1.5 Tesla MRI Machine: The 1.5 tesla MRI machine offers the best imaging facility. As it is the first point of Imaging for most of the Neuro patients, it makes sure that the best diagnosis is available for the doctors & patients.

Our Services

Brain Tumors

Highly skilled & trained neurosurgeons with the help of  technology ensure that the patients suffering from brain tumors are treated with precision and the best of medical care available.


Every case of stroke need prompt response viz a viz best treatment. Our highly skilled team of Neurologists & Neuro interventionists  by using the latest technology ensure that a patient suffering from stroke is given prompt attention.


With the latest video EEG monitoring, we have got a better understanding of Epilepsy. The long term monitoring of the functioning of the brain through video EEG enables the physician to diagnose and plan the treatment of a patient in an effective manner.

Endo Vascular Procedures

Team of Neuro interventionists  with the help of latest technology of Bi Plane Cath Lab is now able to treat the vascular deformities like AVM’s, Aneurysms, Carotid artery disease & Stroke very effeiciantly. The endo vascular procedures help us in operating the patients with Minimum invasiation resulting in lesser blood loss & faster recovery.

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgeries are very complex & recovery is also very important. Our neuro spinal team is handling spinal fixation, Spinal tumor , cysts, Nerves repair very efficiantly with the help of latest equipments.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Recovery in post operation period in heavily dependent on the rehabilitation program. Our state of the art Physiotherapy dept offers effective treatment to the patients during the post operative period.

Botulinum Toxin Therapy (BOTOX) for hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm, writer's cramp, dystonia, torticollis, vocal cord dystonia, , spasticity.



Infective Disease

Degenerative Disease

Movement Disorders

Pediatric Neurosciences

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Microscopic & Endoscopic Neurosurgery

Functional Neurosurgery