Emergency department at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute is available for patient care 24 hrs a day,7 days a week and 365 days a year.
In line with broader focus on patient care, the department of emergency is better equipped, better managed by very experienced and competent emergency physicians for urgent and emergency care and is backed by renowned physicians for advanced cardiology. neurology, nephrology, medical & surgical gastroenterology, orthopedics, transplant units and critical care.

The department has monitored beds, also having special segment dedicatly for critically ill patients. It provides round the clock lab and pharmacy services.
The radiology unit is equipped with most advanced MRI and CT scan machines apart from x-ray and ultrasound which is adjacent to this department.
It also has a plaster room and a dedicated area for wound care.
Reception, help desk and billing desk is being provided on the same floor for the convenience of patients and their relatives.
As soon as you arrive in the department you will be seen by a doctor or nurse who will assess your condition and decide on the next best course of action. This is called triage, which ensures that people with the most serious conditions are seen first.
The department of emergency has a well-equipped advanced life support ambulance for transporting patients to and from hospital.

Infrastructure wise we can boast of having the most acclaimed and standard equipment in critical care department:-

• Multichannel monitors (PHILIPS) with multiple invasive monitoring ports
• Central Monitor
• Cardiac Output Monitoring
• Ventilators (MACQUET Servo I, Servo s, DRAGGER)
• Transport Ventilator
• NIMV (BiPAP harmony, VPAP II)
• CRRT machine (B Braun)
• Bedside hemodialysis facility
• ABG machine
• Syringe and Volumetric pumps (B Braun, Baxter)
• Fibrotic bronchoscope
• Video endoscope
• Feed infusion pumps