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A Swap transplant is a ray of hope for those who are not having matching donors in their families. It gives the freedom to all the patient an exchange of organs between two families, who cannot take the organ to their own family member because of non-matching blood group. This is also called as Pool transplant or Paired exchange.

For an example

Family A & B

By doing a swap, two patients with kidney failure who in normal circumstances cannot undergo a transplant because of blood group mismatch within that family, can now go ahead with kidney transplantation.

After the registration, we will check for the matching pair & you will get the call from the hospital for the confirmation about match found & will give you the date for the consultation. Then you have to visit the hospital with all the documents & reports of the patient & donor. After the examination of the reports doctor will fix the meeting of the pair & update the about the both patients & donors. Final stage would be the committee approval, after approval you can go for the transplant anything beyond this.

Patient who can go for the Swap Transplants

Patients having family donor, but the blood groups are not matching.

Patients having blood group compatible donor, but lymphocyte cross-match is positive.


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