Life style Diseases & Preventive Health

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India is in the grip of lifestyle Diseases. Incidence of Diabetes/Hypertension/Heart Diseases and Cancers are taking Epidemiological proportion.

The purpose of the preventive health is to identify the risk factor for the life style diseases and minimize the risk of diseases & alter the course of exsisting ones for the healthy and productive life.

People visit health care providers only when they are sick or injured but they also need to visit the physician when they are well for a preventive health care check-up. A majority of costly and disabling conditions can be prevented with proper intervention and many of their complications can be avoided or at least delayed. Strategies for reducing the incidence of disease include early detection, increasing physical activity and reducing tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Who should have preventive health checkup?

Preventive Strategies for Healthy life

Know your numbers:

Checking and remembering the results of blood pressure, blood sugar, total cholesterol, and HDL levels are very important than you realize. Approximately 1/3 of the general population do not know their numbers another third do, but then do not know the specific numbers. Only one third out and remember these values as well as what they mean. Their vital health parameters can be easily obtained by Regular Executive checkup thus knowing these numbers will enable to rectify then before it is too late.

Thus identifying our known risk factor we can control and contain risk factors and thus lead a healthy and productive life.

PSRI Hospital has created a preventive health programme towards achieving balanced excellence in physical, intellectual, emotional, material, social & spiritual wellbeing of an individual. The PHC program has been so designed to cater the needs of every segment of the society.

Prevention is Medical Miracle of the 21st Century