Critical Care

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A good critical care unit is like a steady backbone to a big hospital structure.

Every institution which boasts of state of art medical services has to have an ultra-modern critical care unit to support and manage the most unstable patients of all specialties.

At PSRI it is even more imperative that a great critical care unit be in place as the sickest of renal and hepatic patients land here or are transferred to this institute.

PSRI can proudly boast of having very modern, well equipped and ably manned critical care unit where the personal human touch is what is often complimented by recovering patients as well as relatives. PSRI has a 14 BEDDED MEDICAL ICU with a provision of one bed having ISOLATION facilities; there is another 5 BEDDED SURGICAL ICU and a further 3 BEDDED RENAL TRANSPLANT ICU.

The medical ICU which is the busiest of all hash ample space, all top quality modern gadgetry and a very well trained and dedicated team of Doctors, Nurses, GDA, and support staff including ICU technician and physiotherapist.

The main objective or motto of this ICU is to provide a really good quality personalized medical and nursing care with a major stress on continuing to give a very humane, healing, loving touch amidst all this electronic clutter.

The ICU is well equipped and professionally manned to manage all cases of liver, kidney and intestinal cases of varying severity as well as all related and unrelated complications. The ICU is fully equipped to manage all cases of primary and secondary respiratory cases and their complications.

All support services like Imaging, Blood bank and Haemodialysis CRRT etc. are present in-house. Infrastructure wise we can boast of having the most acclaimed and standard equipment

All in all what can be confidently said about the PSRI ICU is that, may you never land in this situation, but if you do need critical care services, you can come with a faith for sincere, honest and quality medical care. You can be confident that you will be adequately, ably and rightly guided about the status of your patient leading to, complete patient and relative satisfaction.