Blood Group incompatible Kidney Transplant

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Gone are those days, when people believe that kidney dialysis is the sole or primary treatment available to those with chronic kidney disease. The truth is, there are many other treatment options available; chief among them is Kidney Transplant. The advantage of kidney transplant is freedom from Dialysis. A kidney transplant can transform a patient’s quality of life.

But, when people think of kidney transplant, they often think of cadever organ donation that occurs after someone dies or when an individual has been declared brain dead and the family has made the decision to donate an organ. But with today’s medical advances, an organ can also be donated by a living person. This is particularly true with kidney donation, because while people typically have two kidneys, only one is sufficient to run a normal, healthy life. Often, the kidney donor is a relative.

PSRI is one of the leading renal transplant centers in India, having done thousand plus successful live related kidney transplants & ABO Incompitable Kindey Transplant since 2004. Our results are comparable to the best centers in the world. A state-of-the-art transplant unit for immediate post-transplant care and subsequent management is available. Established in 2004, the PSRI Kidney Transplant Program is running for more than a decade now.

Kidney Transplant is a life saving procedure for patients in Kidney Failure. For this purpose, one of the relatives of the patient has to donate one kidney. In modern times, with more and more nuclear families and less children, number of relatives available to donate kidney is decreasing. In such scenario, finding a blood group matching donor sometimes become impossible. Due to recent advances in the field of Immunology, we can now do kidney transplants in blood group non matching donors also. Outcomes of these transplants are as good as blood group matching patients.

AT PSRI Hospital, we have started doing blood group non matching kidney transplants (ABOi) for last one year with 100% success in all patients. We use certain special treatments like Glycosorb column and Plasma Pheresis to do these transplants. Now we can put kidney of any blood group in the recipient.

ABOi –kidney transplant is a ray of hope for those kidney failure patients who don’t done blood group matching kidney donors in family and were left on hemodialysis.