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PSRI Department of Dental Sciences is equipped with world class dental facilities. We concentrate on providing a dental experience with complete dental solutions making it the best choice for any one with dental needs ranging from simple fillings to complex surgeries. it is a friendly caring and gentle ambience is provided and experienced professionals at every step guide you towards the dental treatment. With various advanced technologies we makes it easy for you to get a beautiful, healthy smile that you deserve. It is a perfect destination for all oral health and related issues catering to every age group.

Treatments available at PSRI:

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
It means treating the inside of the tooth. We offer single sitting painless treatments to restore the tooth.
It is a dental specialty that pertains to the diagnosis, treatment planning and rehabilitation of clinical conditions like missing or deficient teeth.
This stream basically deals with treating irregular or mal aligned teeth. There are variety of options like metal, ceramic braces and most advanced clear path aligners laser treatment
All gum surgeries , cosmetic teeth surgeries are done using lasers so that they are bloodless and painless
Quit smoking
A customized programme to help people quit smoking or tobacco use at professional level in just 6 weeks

Dental implants
A dental implant is a root device usually made of titanium used in dentistry to support restoration that resembles a group of teeth to replace a missing teeth like tooth roots dental implant is fixed on the jaw bone and are not visible once surgically placed.


Latest facilities
Lasers are used in various gum surgeries which are bloodless, stitchless and painless

Esthetic dentistry
A smile designing is a procedure that encompasses treatments like dental veneers, dental laminates and latest zirconia that ensures a beautiful smile.

The main concern of PSRI Dental Dept. is to follow a proper sterilization and disinfection protocol in the clinic to ensure the maximum infection control while performing the treatment.