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Liver Transplant & Surgical Gastroenterology

What is the Liver Transplantation?

It is an operation in which a deceased Liver is removed & replaced with a healthy liver from a donor.

Who needs a Liver Transplant?

It is a life saving treatment for patients with liver failure, a condition in which the liver is not able to sustain body needs. A patient with either acute or chronic liver failure will benefit from a transplant.

Who can be a Liver Donor?

Liver donation can be from a living donor or a deceased (brain dead, cadaveric) donor.

What is Living Donor Liver Transplant?

If a living person donates a part of his / her liver, it is called living donor liver transplant. Living donor is a family member or close relative of the patient. A living donor should have the following:

•Compatible blood group with recipient

•Family member (first, second or third degree relatives)

•Age 18-50 years

•Should not be overweight

•Donor should be in good overall physical & mental health

•Donor liver should be large enough to provide adequate volume to recipient

Is it safe for a living person to donate a part of liver?

Even though it requires a major operation it is considered safe, because of 2 reasons:

Liver reserve: Even 25% of liver can provide sufficient function for a donor, at end of operation at least 30% is left behind in the person who donates liver..

Regeneration: Capacity of liver to regenerate/ regrow back to its normal size, liver regenerates up to  80-90% within 2-3 months.

Success rate- Success rate of liver transplant is around 95%

Life after transplant – A patient can lead a normal productive life after a liver transplant. He needs lifelong medication & follow-up.

Life after liver donation?

After liver donation, donor leads a normal life. Quality of life is not affected after liver donation. Donors have gone back and joined the army. Even Ladies have given birth to children after donation. 


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