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This specialty deals with ear nose and throat and head & neck diseases and ailments. This is a recently developed specialty in our hospital. This specialty is located at the cross roads of neurology and neuro surgery above Pulmonology and Chest surgery below. Besides, this specialty deals with large number of special senses including smell, taste, hearing and best part of touch (lips), out of five special senses.

Hence clinical objectives are attained through closed collaboration and co-operation with other specialties enumerated above and GPs, Physicians, Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, Allergy and Immunology Specialists Radiologist, Anaesthesiologists, Medical Oncologist, Radio Therapists, Psychiatrist and Psychologists. We have regular discussions and brain-storming sessions by holding regular meetings clinics and seminars held in our hospital.

The department has a very devoted, dedicated and dynamic faculty and ancillary staff, diagnostic and therapeutic equipments and facility for surgery with state of art instruments to perform all types of routine and specialized operations, including FESS, Endoscopic & Micro-Otologic and phono surgery.

Beside, we have very good support from microbiology, routine and special haematology, pathology as well as Audiology laboratories. The Department is determining to expand the frontier of diagnosis, management and research of diseases of ENT and Head & Neck domain as well as hearing speech and voice problems and rehabilitation of speech and hearing handicaps as well as their prevention and surgical alleviation. This has been possible by procuring world class equipment available in our out patients, in patients as well as Operation Theaters.

The following is the brief outline of the facilities and Services Available in our Department

• Diagnosis, Medical. & Surgical Treatment of all types of ENT and Head & Neck Diseases.
• Investigations and Treatment for :-
o Hearing, Tinnitus and vertigo problems
o Taste & smell disturbances
o Headache, Facial, Neck Pain Neuralgias
o Allergy & Asthma Investigations and Treatment
o I T Syndrome
• Microscopic Surgery for Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases
• Endoscopic Surgery of Nose & Sinuses (FESS)
• Phono Surgery for Voice Disorders
• Maxillo Facial and Head & Neck Tumor Surgery, and Skull, Base Surgery
• Plastic, Maxillo-Facial and Reconstructive Surgery of Head & Neck
• Cosmetic Surgery of Face & Nose
• Management of sleep Disturbances, Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Syndrome (OSAS)
• Early Detection & Management of Oral Precancerous &Cancerous Lesions of Mouth &Throat
• Quit Smoking Programme
• Swallowing Disorders and Dry Throat Syndrome
• Speech Correction & Therapy for different Speech Problems like stuttering (stammering), hoarseness,   Articulation defects & Public Speaking



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