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Gynaecology deals with the disease of the reproductive tract in females. In Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute, Gynaecologists are available all days of the week to help female patients with their problems from adolescents to geriatric age group.


Highly specialized surgeries are being done by Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy for diseases like fibroids, abnormal bleeding in women, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, chronic and acute pain in abdomen and infertility. Specilalised tests like conventional Pap/ Liquid Pap/ HPV-DNA test for patients with High risk of cervical cancer are being carried out. Treatment of problems in adolescent girls like painful periods (Dysmenonhoea) ; irregular menstrual periods , polycystic Ovarian disease, adolescent obesity, appearance of abnormal hair (hirsuitism) all over body; premenstrual syndrome in young adolescents ; absence of periods ; sexually transmitted diseases and contraception applicable to teenagers.

In the reproductive age group, we offer treatment for conditions like endometriosis which is the commonest cause of painful periods. Genital Tuberculosis is a rampant condition in India now. We offer diagnosis and treatment for the same. Treatment for Ovarian cysts, fibroids (non cancerous tumor of uterus) endometriosis is offered which may be medical or surgical. Infertility is a condition where a female is not getting pregnant within 12 months of unprotected sex after marriage. Diagnosis and treatment is offered. Also laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for infertile patients is being done.


For elderly women, diagnosis and treatment of menopausal problems is offered .Post menopausal bleeding and its treatment is particularly important in view of proneness to cancers.
Treatment of uterine prolapse i.e. desent of the uterus outside the vaginal introitus is done and vaginal Hysterectomy and repair is offered. Diagnosis and treatment of early ovarian cancer and uterine cancer is also important in this age group and office Endometrial Biopsy; Hysteroscopy directed Biopsy and fractional curettage is usually resorted to. After confirmation removal of uterus, ovaries and affected organs is considered


What is Gyane Endoscopy?

Gynae Endoscopy is a minimally invasive gynaecological surgery in women. You would be Happy to know that now all normal gynaecological surgeries can be done through smaller cuts and without large, unsightly and traumatic cuts. It is also loosely called key hole surgery or laser surgery.


When is it done and what are the problems that can be treated with this technique?

•Abnormal bleeding during periods painful periods, Heavy periods, less flow during periods and any menstrual problems.

•Sterilization without cuts

•Patients who cannot bear children (infertility)

•Uterine fibroids/ tumors

•Ovarian cysts and tumors

•Cancer in women

•Blocked fallopian tubes

•Ectopic pregnancy



Almost all gynaecological problems can be diagnosed and treated through Gynae endoscopy. It is a matter of fact that all traditional surgeries can be done by this techniques


How it is done?

This novel surgical technique is done using hi-tech imported specialized equipments.

Who does it?

Gynaecological surgeons who are specialized and trained in these advanced surgery and equipments do this surgery.


How is Gynae endoscopy better than other surgeries?


•Less Costly 

•Pain is much less

•Less /shorter duration of hospitalization

•Back to work and normal life much earlier

•No big scars/cosmetically better

•Less bleeding (blood generally not required)

•Day surgery



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